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Updated July 2010
Stop staring Street child Angel and phoenix Black-winged assassin A sleeping spirit Father and daughter Doxa ston angelo Illusions of a life past Candlelight Temple of Pyro Flower of Mourning Waiting for you Sacred Moon Fully Alive Swimming troubles away Silent Life Light and Dark Lazy Days Heavenly Bird Happy New Year!(2007) Cast Party Morning after Battle Freedom at a Cost 2k How the flowers bloom Rune Sanctuary Pearls that suffocate me Paper flowers Undead hopes All that I'm living for... Realism take 2 Time stopped Sunflowers and Rain Even in Death The Lace generation Keeping a Secret Wandering spirits I stop for bunnies Red Heart Slice you in half Mama Linda Imaginary Light UNAVAILABLE Portrait of a Queen Second Portrait Bickering friends Flowers that bloom Portrait of a Medium Portrait of a Reaper Red and Violet That boy's a Monster R 'n R Wake up call COVER Lemons & Strawberries

Filler Art
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This the fanart section ( I love fanart!)
Remember, if you want to draw some fanart:
1) Remember to give me and the comic credit
2) let me know and send it through my social media @delicate.sketches!


  by vikrueger by leikosuzuka by queendeedee by vikrueger by anonymous phantom by anonymous phantom by bloodyd-chan by bloodyd-chan by midorstein by vikrueger by ivi-purpleneko by oune by ivi-purpleneko by vikrueger by AstriaKrystal by yukithewindmaster by ivi-purpleneko by DoodleBug by lshikawagoemon by Uty-Bacalaito by lshikawagoemon by ivi-purpleneko by ivi-purpleneko by Raimyu by Raimyu by Raimyu

Same rules as in Fanart!

Yarrows by Vivianne